The popes visit

Brent and Jörn Hendrik in OttensenBrent and Thore in Front of the "Möhrchen"discussing the future of the mobdrinking some cold ones at "Teufelsküche"always eatingwaiting for the best Pizza in town
waiting for the best pizza in townBrent presentingthe pope is talkinglistening...Discussion Group 2. large scale campaignsBeatles Plaza
Mr. Brent LennonSuperbrent99'explainingBrent and Jörnthe event board
Brent presentingBrent talkingBrent and Jörnthinking biglisten crowd!

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It was such an awesome event and a great pleasure to have him here in Hamburg. Thank you so much Brent for sharing some of your plans for the future of the carrotmob. We had a lot of highly interesting discussions, especially Monday evening at the Betahaus. There were more than 30 carrotmobbers, so thank you all for coming and joining the discussion.

Brent started the evening by giving an exciting keynote, we learnt the whole story of the hour of birth of the carrotmob and he even gave us some top secret insights. The interesting part of the story was that Brent took some of the inspiration by talking to Howard Rheingold (the author of smart mobs) and a few weeks later while probably taking a shower he came up with the carrotmob concept. From there it started to spread the world and now Brent wants to take it to the next level.

The most interesting point to my was the statement that social media made it easy for companies to communicate directly to the customer, but there’s still no clear message of value and social good. This is a chance for the carrotmob to stand out, services like Groupon and Foursquare are using intelligent communication models but the carrotmob is about giving real power of change back to the customer. Brent wants to empower the customers to vote with their wallet. It’s the feeling of standing powerless in front of huge brands that convinced Brent to build the worldwide carrotmob community. So mobbing big companies is the aim for the evolution of the carrotmob.

After the keynote we made up two groups, discussion A. the next carrotmob in hamburg and B. how to organize huge scale campaigns. Discussing to huge scale campaigns the group came up with three questions: what attracts people? How do hypes start? What is the impact we want to achieve? Brent joined this group and had some interesting ideas, explaining the K-Factor (oh dear I cannot recall a thing :) ) the group came across the theories mentioned in Gladwells book tipping point but also the latest Facebook Party event from 16 year old Thessa (oh my god there’s already a blog with every single information). We never finished the discussion of how to make it real huge in every detail but I want to emphasize these points: the carrotmob community needs more growth, it is a question of person centric strategy versus hype. Building local organizers through some pieces of brilliant technology is the plan and when the community is about a million people strong, it’ll be the right time! The image of giving the single canoes in every land (symbolizing the different organizers) a sail to make more things happen and floating towards real change for the whole planet was the last we came up with.

The other group talked about the upcoming fourth carrotmob here in Hamburg and Marco made a point to mob different venues at a time. The idea of organizing Carrotmobs in Schools like the Organizers in Munich did is good, but we’ll never make it with the upcoming holiday season. So Marco came up with the idea to mob different bakerys here in Hamburg. We will keep you updated, as always!

To end this posting I want to say thanks for visiting us in Hamburg Brent. It was really a pleasure talking to you in person. We felt that there’s a lot to come from the Carrotmob Headquarter in San Fran and we are absolutely excited about it. And of course you are always welcome here in Hamburg!

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  1. Brent
    June 12, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    Thanks for hosting me guys! It was great to meet all of you and I look forward to seeing what you guys do with the next local campaign. See you next time!


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